How we work.

The experiments, so far, have involved me taking photos on my phone and digital camera of existing pictures on my bedroom wall or in books . The Spirit Team manage to manipulate the energy over the printed pictures to create altered or new faces and text.

The light is dim, lamp light or slight daylight coming from around the edges of the blind. Sometime the room is dark and I use a flash. The resulting images can be seen on the photo or film I can see the faces in the paintings changing prior to taking the photos. The tiny 'pieces' of colour whizz rapidly around the surface of the picture.

The images shown are not visible to the naked eye after the photo has been taken and the only existing record is caught by the camera.

The Kids' Paint Box

This is a new type of experiment involving two spirit children - Adawi and Chloe, who are both part of my spirit team and family.

For Christmas 2019 I bought them some stationary with a view to trying an experiment.  I had previously decorated an old  wooden cutlery box and lined the inside of it with pages from a book. It has been situated on my desk in bedroom for some months containing herbs and tools that I use for other types of energy work with my team.

I decided to use the box for the new experiment and on Boxing Day I placed the childrens' drawing books and pens, crayons and finger paints, alongside some chocolate, in the box. I placed the items carefully and took photographs.

I also took phots of inside the front cover of the books. 
I had written Chloe's name in her colouring book.

I closed the box and left it on my desk by my bed overnight. The next morning I checked it and the contents had not changed or moved. I took out the chocolate coins from the bottom right but did not touch or move anything apart from the kinder egg which rolled over.

Today is the 8th January 2020. For the past few nights I have been hearing tapping and cracking coming from inside the box. Only occasional sounds (two at most before I fall asleep) but quite loud. There are also energy dots, and small spirit lights in the bedroom at times.

This morning I opened the box again to find one of the pens had moved and also the yellow finger paint and shifted slightly.
I took photos again. 

I wondered if I could have effected this myself by opening drawers in the desk knocking the box so I replaced the items into position and shook the desk, opened and closed the drawers vigorously and knocked the box with deliberation. On opening I found that none of the items had moved and so could not have done so by earthly accident.

I conclude from this that the pens and paint were therefore moved by the spirit children. I'm hoping they will be able to validate this by doing so again.

The box remains closed on my desk to continue with the experiment.

Book Spine Photo changes

These photos were taken between 3 and 4 am 19/06/18. I didn't know what I was taking a photo of. I woke to a room full of white mist and I took a quick sequence of photos with my phone of the bookcase in front of my bed with the flash on. When I zoomed into the photos it was apparent that the face on the book spine was being altered and also other faces appearing in the image.

Photos of Changing Canvas Print

These were taken with a flash of a canvas print in my bedroom between 4am and 5am...20/05/2014
Note the face is different on each one. Writing is appearing also. It's not clear yet but lettering can be seen across the images. Other smaller faces are also appearing within the energy. They are less 'cartoon drawing' and more 'photographic' at times.

 These two below have a white round light thing with something in the middle.....

Blowing a Kiss.

 Blowing a kiss...the face of this portrait was changed by my spirit guide to blow a kiss for the camera.

Changes made by Spirit Artists to a print of Vermeer's 'Girl With A Pearl Earing' - 10th Oct 2013

How the original painting looks

This film was originally 10 seconds long. It was shot in my bedroom in dim daylight on a digital camera. I have slowed it down ( the original is too fast to see beyond the spirit energy blur ) and trimmed it to fit the piece of music. No other changes have been made. The film is quite dark but visible. It is still necessary at this point to film in dim conditions as the spirit changes don't show up well in bright light. No specialist equipment is used and to be honest I don't even give the team much notice. They are dong very well considering most of our filming sessions are fairly impromptu while I eat toast and drink tea!


A Typical Morning's Filming...22nd Sept 2013

This morning the boys and I were busy filming their changes and additions to various canvases. It's been a month or so since we began this. It was a bleak rainy day today and the light was dim and good for filming their energy constructions.

The following links to films may be a little dark, so apologies for this.,,please watch the films in a dark room for best effect. It's our main challenge to set the right lighting so that the energy forms are visible. This is tricky, as to see the forms the lighting must be dim but to see the video it needs to be brighter...the Spirit Team is working to overcome this difficulty so that we can film their artwork in brighter daylight.

I thought it would be a good idea to publish some of the art in its early development..for the sake of comparison here it is..

The films are slowed down so as to enable the watcher to see what is happening, but as always that is the only change I have made. All the visible changes to the drawings and canvas prints, and faces and writing, are the work of my Spirit chaps. I have in no way added or animated any mark or movement.

This film gives you an idea of where we work. The short film shows energy in the bedroom, including faces everywhere and the two pictures bluring and smudging on the walls.  The Team started without me this morning and I woke to find the pictures sparkling and moving which made me smile.

The below film is rather dark but shows the changes to the canvas print on my wall.The work is Adawi's I think as the faces are not at all pretty...and are wearing sunglasses!! well he is only six...

This film shows progress made with changes to Nasawi's Portrait. More energy drawings and writing seen to be fleeting across and in and out of the face.

Adawi, our little'un, is in his element here writing 'I Love You' and drawing hearts and faces. Bless 'im ...I have to slow his work down most of all...its not over clear but definitely there...
note: the writing 'Adawi's Picture' and blobs of paint are my own and not spirit formed.

And an experiment with a well known painting..My favourite so far as it makes me laugh every time I watch it. the Team have a great sense of humour.

This is how he's supposed to look...

A busy day!! Please note that the pictures all now look as they did prior to the changes. (except for a few beards and glasses that keep appearing...) The changes are made to the light and pigment energy and no actual physical paint is applied. Whilst watching the work in progress the changes are mostly imperceptible but for shadows and sparkles. It's only when the film is slowed down many times that the work can be seen.

Please also understand that I have invited my team into my home because I know, love and trust them..and Nasawi, my main Guide, is very protective and monitors the situation. We have been working on direct communication for nearly two years. Spirit people do not intrude into the homes of people and move things about without an invitation so please do not be concerned that this will be happening around you 'willy nilly'..this is not the case..spirit people respect our lives and space and will not, and cannot bother you, if it is not your wish.

Spirit changes to a canvas print.

Well, this stuff gets crazier by the day... the below video is of changes made, by my spirit team, to a bought canvas picture of a Native American man on my bedroom wall, in dim daylight. I took the film on an automatic digital camera. I let them know I'm going to do this so that they have 20 minutes to get ready. Then they eagerly watch it on the computer afterwards... I can feel them looking over my shoulders and getting excited with me!

The original film is 30 seconds long. I've slowed it down to 0.100 speed and extended it to 100 hours!!.... then cut it to the length of the background song. As you can see it is still very fast moving even though the resulting film is only a tiny fraction of a second in real time.

I've not changed or tweaked the actual changes to the face at all. That is all the work of the spirit artists.


Above photo:The (largely) unchanged canvas print for you to's impossible for me to take a normal photo these days!